Your Partner in High-Quality Cybersecurity Solutions

Your Partner in High-Quality Cybersecurity Solutions

58% of people have accidentally sent sensitive information to the wrong person. 81% of corporate breaches involve weak or stolen passwords, while 83% of confirmed data breaches were because of the same reason. 63% of senior managers have admitted to uploading work files to their personal email or Cloud account.

Just in 2020, 37 billion records were compromised by breaches. The median number of days that attackers reside within a victim’s network before detection is 99. Every record that is stolen has an average cost of $157. 300 thousand new malware samples are created and spread every day.It is extremely important that you upgrade your company’s cybersecurity, and NexGen Communications is here to help you out.

What We Can Do


We will develop organizational understanding to manage cybersecurity risk to your systems, assets, data, and capabilities.


Let us provide you with the appropriate safeguards to ensure delivery of services.


Our services are designed to implement the appropriate activities to identify the occurrence of any cybersecurity event.


If needed, we can provide the appropriate activities to act in a detected cybersecurity event.


We can helpin maintaining plans for resilience and restoring any capabilities or services that were impaired due to a cybersecurity attack.

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