Your Guide to Business Internet Speed

You didn’t build your business plan alone. You didn’t find the funding for your dreams without visiting a bank. You even had a little inspiration from somewhere to realize your dream of opening your own business. Big goals can come from simple ideas and all goals can be reached with the right people in your corner. Make sure you have the right cheerleaders in the corner filled with your business’ technology goals. (wink, wink. We have pompoms) Let us help by answering questions you should ask yourself when you develop your business’ technology plan.

But first, let’s cover some basic terminology with a fun analogy we can all understand.

Data is the “vehicle†that travels through the bandwidth.

Bandwidth is the “highway†for the “vehicle.â€

Speed measures how fast that “vehicle†moves down the “highway.â€

So, think of it this way. Would you rather drive in Nashville’s rush hour traffic down a 2-lane highway or a 4-lane highway? Maybe the size of the highway doesn’t matter as much on a quiet Sunday morning in Nashville, but it’s better to have a 4-lane highway when you don’t need it than to need a 4-lane highway and only have 2 lanes.

The same applies to your business’ internet speed needs. Now, lets answer some of the most important questions you should ask before signing on the technology-world dotted line.

How big is your company now? How big do you hope your business will be in the future?

Don’t just look at the here and now when you’re setting up your technology plan. If you want to lock in a price with a provider, you may consider signing up for a 2 or 3 year plan for the best promotion. That means it’s important to look that far down the road in your business plan. Upgrades and other changes are always possible, but it’s always best to have a vision from the beginning.

How many people will use internet at your business at one time?

The internet speed you need is, in part, based on the size of your employee base. The more people who are downloading data at the same time, the slower the speed for each user. Here is a quick way to see how internet speed and the number of users on your network correlate.

A black background with green squares and dots.

Do you need a backup circuit in case your primary circuit goes down?

The answer here is almost always, yes. A backup circuit should be diverse, which means a secondary provider different from our primary provider should be used to secure a backup circuit. This means if the provider of your primary circuit has an outage or any kind of service interruption, your backup circuit from a secondary provider will be a full coverage backup circuit. This will significantly reduce the chances that an internet outage with one provider will leave your business paralyzed.

Do you want to offer your customers WIFI?

Offering WIFI to customers will improve customer loyalty and can increase the amount of money spent at your business if customers have access to fast and stable free WIFI. Many Patrons and Business travelers plan destinations around the quality and speed of their WIFI Services. The question you must ask yourself is whether you want to make that investment. Your WIFI plan options mostly depend on the size of your business. Businesses and Hotels can work with consultants, like NexGen, to secure the services through a provider. If you have a larger space and require a more complex design, then a NexGen WIFI solution might be the way to go. We will go a step beyond and Heat Map your location to ensure proper speed and coverage. We can also help you push traffic to your Social Media Page for Likes, Check-in’s and Reviews if desired.

What is NexGen and how can we help?

NexGen Communications is a technology consulting firm specializing in Internet and WIFI Solutions. We are a small business with the dedication and passion to help you grow your business. We help secure your technology contracts at the lowest prices possible to meet your needs both now and as your business grows. If you’re already an established business, we strive to help you save money on your current services if possible. Because technology and pricing changes about every 3-5 years we also work to facilitate any service upgrades or renewals. We can help you if you have a brand new business still under construction, a well-established business with changing technology needs, or if you’re undergoing a location move or expansion. We also manage all your services through your provider. That means you won’t ever be on a call with the Comcasts or AT&T’s of the world again. For as long as you’re under contract with the solution we helped you secure we can take care of everything from a service outage to a billing concern to a service change.

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