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NexGen Communications is the Premier Technology Consulting Company that helps Companies Big and Small with all things Communications. Any Provider, Any Service, Anywhere. Internet, Network, Voice, Cloud & Security. We are unique in that we have access to all the TOP Carriers and Providers in the Country. We provide our clients with precise negotiated options based on the site or project needs. We agnostically consult based on your needs, at no charge, and provide Direct/Wholesale pricing directly from the Carrier and Providers as the certified Master Broker. We have the right solution at the best price, guaranteed. We take it up a notch and manage all solutions we consult on with White Glove Project Management, Technical, Billing and Support expertise. Our goal is to never require our clients to ever have to call into the Telephone or Cable company again. In addition to carrier services, we specialize in Hosted Voice / UCaaS , Contact Center, SD-WAN, Telecom Management, Project Implementation, Managed Wifi, Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity. We have over one thousand serviced locations and references to back us up. Work with the Business Telecom and Cloud Experts and help save your company Time and Money today. Let our positive culture and expeditious service translate into a Win for your Company!

Internet & Network

When you need the best and fastest internet and network service for your company look no further than NexGen. We work with every carrier across the United States and Canada to deliver the best service at the best price through strategic partnerships and wholesale agreements. NexGen will handle searching out the top solutions and offer engineering to strategically diversify the data paths, both domestically and internationally. Saving you time and money is our number one priority.

Voice, Video & Contact Center

Remote Worker Enablement and more efficient communications is top priority for most companies. NexGen can help you get there with the best of breed Cloud Communication platforms. Communicate with your team effectively and with your customers on how they prefer – Voice, Text, Chat, SM, Email, etc.. Our team of experts will help you build your perfect communication package. Pots, Analog, PRI, SIP, VoIP, CPaaSUCaaS & CCaaS.  

SD-WAN & Firewall

NexGen believes in the future of Secure Wide Area Networks through SD-WAN while protecting those data packets. We believe Carrier Managed Networks, such as MPLS, will continue to see disconnects over the next 10 to 20 years. Clients want to take their networks back with better service and bring their own bandwidth. Let us help you with real live case studies, a demoand professional experience to ensure the right solution for your NexGen network needs.

Cloud Computing

Companies are utilizing Cloud & Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure for both on-site and remote workers. There are major security and operational benefits to this move for companies of all sizes. Hosting applications via cloud computing can decrease your cyber security risk while reducing your overhead cost.  NexGen wants to lead you to the unique fit for your business. 

Managed WiFi

The current world runs on Wi-Fi. Businesses big and small can benefit from our hands on approach. At NexGen, we will help design, procure, install, maintain, monitor and manage your wi-fi network. We can help you increase your Marketing/Sales contacts through our Wi-Fi management, including Facebook Wi-Fi for Business. 

Circuit/Voice Aggregation & Project Management

NexGen provides service and pricing to thousands of locations across North America. NexGen was built on helping clients with multi-site deploymentsand a passion for taking care of the customer. With access to over 200 carriers and vendors and experience in all of North America we have the circuit and solution you need for a multi-site rollout. We back it all with white glove delivery and lifelong support.

Telecom Management

 We have the relationships and agreements with all carriers to support you. Let us take it off your plate. outages, technical errors, billing issues, etc.. NexGen provides both monitoring capabilities and support for ticketing and billing. If we procure the service for you, we will own it at NO CHARGE.

Cyber security

A cyber-attack can be detrimental to a business. Companies should have plans in place for both internal and external security threats. We can help with infrastructure and end point security management. Don’t wait until it is too late. Contact us now for a cybersecurity analysis. 

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